Since 1982

Kipco Construction LLC has been working in Lane county since 1982 to provide quality, cost-effective workmanship and products that meet the varied needs of our clients. We are a general site work contractor who specialized in excavation and pipe work. Our extensive equipment fleet, experienced work force and competent leadership team allow us to be both competitive and qualified for a wide range of construction projects.

90465 Woodruff St.
Eugene, Or 97402
CCB# 202311

phone: 541.689.9265
fax: 541.689.9351
Emergency/After Hours: 541.521.2391

Our Experience

Kipco Construction LLC organized over 30 years ago and in that time has worked for nearly all major public jurisdictions , development companies, and home builders around the Eugene Springfield area. Our job history ranges from small driveways to large subdivisions, apartment complexes to athletic fields, drain fields to bridge construction. We are equipped for jobs large and small and are always pleased to discuss any construction interests a client may have. Look through our project history to see some examples of the jobs we have completed on time and on budget.