Kipco began operations as Kip Construction Co. in August 1982 and incorporated in May 1984. It was created by Kevin Knode and Chip Moulds and changed it's name to Kipco, Inc. in January 2001 when Kevin became the sole owner of the company. In May of 2014, the company was purchased by it's longtime employee and operations manager Seth Brown, and is now doing business as Kipco Construction LLC. Our more than 30 year history has given us the opportunity to work on a multitude of jobs and gain invaluable experience as a general contractor. We have steadily grown in size from a handful of employees to a workforce that has numbered upwards of 30 people throughout the last few years. Our equipment fleet also has grown, allowing us greater range and efficiency in our services. We started with a single 1978 Ford Backhoe and now have an extensive fleet of excavators, backhoes, loaders, dozers, rollers, graders and trucks. Our fleet is customized to our needs and equipped with innovative technology to help keep us on the forefront of effective construction practices with limited environmental impact.

As we have grown, Kipco Construction LLC has always maintained our core principals of hard work, efficiency, professionalism, and fairness. We offer our employees a consistently safe work environment, a living wage, full health care benefits, and a retirement plan. This standard of integrity is also applied to all of our clients. We complete jobs to the satisfaction of our customers, on time and on budget. In the history of our company we have never had a claim, lien or lawsuit placed against us. We believe in being upfront and honest from start to finish on all projects and carry out our responsibilities in a timely manner. Kipco Construction LLC is able to meet tight schedules, solve difficult technical situations and offer highly competitive pricing for all types of construction projects.